Hazare overestimating Jan Lokpal Bill: Digvijay

Hazare overestimating Jan Lokpal Bill: Digvijay

"I think he is over estimating Jan Lokpal Bill. Corruption can only be removed by a comprehensive strategy of the government, the bureaucracy and the judiciary together so that it can be tackled at every level. Just passing the law will not help any one. Corruption will not be removed only by Lokpal," Singh said.

The AICC general secretary also reminded Hazare that Congress President Sonia Gandhi has promised a strong Lokpal long before he took up the Lokpal issue.

"Congress had promised Lokpal in its election campaign long before Hazare came into picture. Long before Hazare, Sonia Gandhi had in the AICC Delhi session, promised strong Lokpal. National Advisory Council had asked Aruna Roy and Harsh Mander to draft the bill," Singh said.

Hazare today said those threatened by Lokpal movement are attacking his supporters and close aides and trying to break his team. "They fear that their political career will be jeopardized if a strong Lokpal mechanism comes into effect," he told reporters at his native village Ralegaon Sidhi.

Singh, however, rejected the allegation asking "who is opposing Lokpal? Which government leader or political party is opposing Lokpal." He added "If Anna is saying that leaders are opposing Lokpal, then he should name the leaders or the political parties."

On Hazare's objection to government bringing separate bills to tackle corruption in public life, Singh said, "whether it comes through one law or several should be left to the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and the Standing Committee. To say what I say right is not the correct way."