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Blood donation: 108 times & counting!

Waman Sambrani of Gulbarga has donated blood 108 times and is still going strong. The 76-year-old retired professor of an engineering college has donated about 38 litres of blood in his life, at the rate of 350 ml each time. He was honoured at the Kalburgi Kampu event recently for his service to mankind.

He first donated blood in the year 1970 when he was 35. He donated blood to a burns victim. He experienced a sense of fulfillment after he donated blood. Inspired, he resolved to donate blood every three months on a fixed day. Ever since, he has not missed a single date, January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 2, to donate blood. “The woman suffered burns following a stove burst. There were not many blood banks at that time and nor was there any awareness about blood donation. Seeing the distress of the woman, I realised how important blood donation is. From that day there was no looking back for me,’’ explains the septuagenarian Sambarni.

His blood group is O positive, which is a universal group. On the specified days, he visits the blood bank in Gulbarga and donates 350 ml of blood. “There are lot of misconceptions among people about blood donation. It is a very healthy and noble practice. Blood is replenished every 24 hours to a couple of days,’’ Sambrani explains.

Any healthy adult in the age group of 18-60 years can safely donate blood up to four times a year, he adds. Waman Sambrani has donated blood 108 times and is still going strong.