New dimension added to tradition

New dimension added to tradition

Innovative designs

Latha, who has 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, unveiled her first collection of colourful saris under the title, ‘Yards of Heritage’, recently.

“I am privileged to design for KSIC and is proud to be part of its venture. As every Bangalorean knows, Mysore Silk has timeless charm to it. Reflecting the traditional splendour through its rich yet delicate motifs, KSIC has been producing 100 per cent pure silk with pure gold zari. In my collection, I have experimented with colours and weaves applying my skills and experience in the field. Though it looks modern and trendy, it has traditional weaving as motif,” she explains.

‘Yards of Heritage’ is available in ten designs and each pattern comes in four different colours. The blouses are styled with tissue, brocade and embroidery work. “I have done a lot of colour combination to make the collection more impressive. I have used two contrast colours, sometimes four, which has made the collection vibrant. There is another design, which looks more like a langa daawni or a half-sari, and will appeal to young girls,” she feels.

“Every woman has sweet memories associated with silk saris. Earlier, silk saris were available in limited colours and few patterns. Hence, young girls didn’t go for them. I worked on traditional saris to make them more attractive and creative. Rather than replacing traditional designs, I have given a new dimension to them,” says Latha.

About the new collection, Latha says each sari is made out of pure gold and the best quality silk. “The zari never tarnishes and will look fresh even after a long period of use.

Hence, Mysore silk is liked by all women irrespective of their age. Moreover, it comes in a variety of fabrics like crepe, georgette, tissue etc unlike other silk saris,” adds Latha.
As KSIC will be holding its 100th year celebrations next year, Latha is all set to put her heart and soul into the special collection. ‘Yards of Heritage’ is available at all KSIC showrooms.