'There's tremendous talent in Tulu industry'

'There's tremendous talent in Tulu industry'

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'There's tremendous talent in Tulu industry'

When Ramya Bharna took her baby steps in the Tulu film industry with Oriyardori Asal she never imagined that the film would turn out to be such a big hit.

The movie has completed a 150-day run at the box office and the actress is delighted at its success.  “I never had any concrete plans to do a Tulu film until I was offered Oriyardori Asal. The movie is an adaptation of a popular Tulu play and even the makers and actors were all from theatre background. So I thought of it as a perfect opportunity to get some good experience,” Ramya tells Metrolife.

Interacting with many people from the Tulu film industry, Ramya observed that though it is comparatively smaller than the Kannada film industry, there is definitely a lot of hidden talent out there.

“A lot of people who are working in the Tulu industry come from a theatre background and hence, the talent is tremendous,” says Ramya, who played a rich spoilt brat in the movie.

One of the biggest challenges she faced during the making of the film was the language. “But luckily for me, the team also knew Kannada so they helped me in understanding the situation. However, I had to learn my lines which did take a while,” she says.

Due to her experience in Oriyardori Asal, Ramya wants to do more Tulu movies in future. “I have been getting a lot of offers from there and would like to act in another Tulu film but the project has to excite me. I don’t want to sign a string of films for the sake of it,” says Ramya, who is wrapping up Anarkali in Kannada.

After playing a range of characters in Kannada, the movie Anarkali will see Ramya dabbling with a new genre for the first time. “Anarkali is a horror film. This genre has been very challenging for me. The team has been working hard on this project and let’s see how it shapes up,” she says.