91 accidents cost 17 lives last month

91 accidents cost 17 lives last month

In a total of 91 registered cases of accidents, 17 people lost their lives and 95 were rendered injured. Among the dead, about seven persons died owing to serious head injuries, and 33 were hurt for reasons that they weren’t wearing helmets, according to a press release with details statistics traffic related cases in the city in October.  

Pedestrians are among the most susceptible lot to hit and run cases. City lost five pedestrians with about 20 rendered injured in accidents that took place while they were walking by the road, or crossing them. This apart, about 72 people were booked for rash and negligent driving, 726 for speeding over the fixed limit, 301 cases of drunken driving, 116 drivers found without valid driving license, a whopping 1970 persons were booked for not wearing helmet while riding.

In a significant increase in the number of cases booked against auto drivers for being unrelenting to go to the desired destination specified by passengers, a good 802 incidents were registered. Mysore city saw nearly 6,751 cases including those of traffic violations and also signal jumping. In a total of 10,789 cases, Rs 1,26,1100 was collected as spot fine and Rs 1,69,600 was collected as penalty following the judgment by courts.

Complain on FB

 In order to simplify the whole process of complaining, City Traffic Police have set up a facebook page on the internet where the aggrieved can register the incident which led to them being harassed. “Only those complaints which have complete details of the complainant along with details of the day, time and date along with the description of person and vehicle number they are complaining about, would help tracking the culprit.

The complaints mostly we have received are against auto drivers not going to destination as specified by the passenger, or rude behaviour. We encourage usage of FB because it is faster” said Traffic ACP Shankare Gowda.