Pets suffer as Madikeri faces shortage of vets

Pets suffer as Madikeri faces shortage of vets

Only two docs working as against sanctioned post of nine

This is having a direct impact on the health and well-being of the domestic animals and dairy related activities in the district.

As against nine sanctioned posts there are only two veterinary doctors in the taluk.
These doctors are having additional responsibility of four to five places. Veterinary Doctor (extension) Dr Chidananda who is working in Madikeri has to double as Taluk in-charge Assistant Director as well. He is also working at Sampaje, Bhagmandala and Cherambane.

On the other hand, Dr Prasanna who is working at Murnadu hospital is also having responsibility of Napoklu, Parane and Ballamavati.

Dr Chidananda, the in-charge Assistant Director of the taluk has to attend Taluk Panchayat meets, Gram Sabhe and Janaspandana programme inevitably, due to which he has not been able to be present at the hospital all the time.

Taking out time for all the series of training programme, these doctors have to attend the distress calls from interior places as in many cases people fail to get their pets to hospitals.

No helpers

The post of assistants in the department is also vacant across the taluk.

This situation has remained unchanged over several years now. The four Veterinary Assistants working in the taluk are made to shuttle between Makkandur, Bettageri, Cherambane, Bhagamandala, Karike, Chembu, Sampaje, Kakkabe, Sannapulikodtu, Ballamavati, Cheyyadane, Maragodu, Murnadu, Napoklu, Parane veterinary centres in turns.

With Madikeri Veterinary hospital supervisor going to retire in April, the situation is expected to become worse.

Sources in the department say that the elected representatives who have a say in the Government get the appointments required for their district promptly. The remaining places are made to suffer.

Madikeri taluk has 36,874 cattle (30,229 indegenous, 6645-others) 7,097 buffaloes, 12,787 pigs etc. With these numbers having adequate number of vets is a must.
It may be recalled that though Madikeri Taluk Panchayat has been holding lengthy discussions in this regard there has been no outcome at all.