Coffee growers demand compensation

Coffee growers demand compensation

The officials of Coffee Board should visit the spot and assess the situation and do the needful, he said.


He also disclosed that a letter in this regard has already been sent to the Board as the rains have caused anxiousness among the growers as the berries begin to rot. Around 20 to 25 per cent of coffee berries have fallen.

The berries that have dropped are not even been able to collect due to shortage of
labourers and financial problems.


The harvested coffee could not be dried as there is no sufficient sunlight affecting the quality of the beans.

The rain  would also have an impact on the next yield. Even the pepper yield has been affected due to downpour. He urged the officials to provide Coffee driers  to the farmers at a 50 per cent discounted rate, so that the coffee beans can be prevented from rotting. It would help the farmers in plucking the berries and dry them indoors, they he opined.