Works begin on additional water tank

Works begin on additional water tank

Steps are being taken by Municipality too, to ensure moderate water supply  to the city. Amount has been drawn under different heads to build tanks and lay pipelines to make the water supply system better. Despite this, drinking water supply system is far from desired, say the citizens.

An additional tank with 10 lakh litres capacity is being built at the nearby Karivaradaraja hills at a cost of Rs 7.56 crore. The work which is in progress currently, is being carried out by Bangalore-based Suprabha Construction Company.  The works are expected to be complete in 18 months. Once complete, this additional tank is expected to ease the burden of water supply to the city, with his high storing capacity.

District Centres are expected to get an additional tank funded by State Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation. As of now, works pertaining to kaccha water pipeline laying works is in progress. District centre gets about 8 MLD water from T Narasipur everyday which is being supplied to 10 villages till now.

Municipality has about five tanks with 10 lakh capacity and two tanks with 50,000 litre capacity. There is a provision of 16 MLD water from T Narasipur. However, the city itself has less efficient water supply systems which can be upgraded by drawing water from the river nearby. Even the construction of tanks will also make sense, if the municipality hopes to store water.

About 100 km pipes are being expected to be laid from the additional tank to make the water supply better, said Municipality commissioner B D Basavarajappa.