Sand prices hit the roof as stir enters 14th day

Sand prices hit the roof as stir enters 14th day

Sand transporters have been demanding that the government relook at the sand policy in the State. The stir has led to sand prices spiralling northward. A truckload of quality sand that used to cost between Rs 28,000 and Rs 35,000, now sells at about Rs 40,000 to Rs 45,000.

The inflow of sand into the City has reduced from 2,500 trucks to 300 trucks. Black marketing of sand has gone up substantially.

Those who have stocked up sand are selling it at exorbitant prices and the supply of filtered sand, dangerous for construction of a building, is also at its peak.

The strike has had a cascading effect on construction labourers who have been rendered jobless in absence of an important Building component.

Sand transporters have succeeded in garnering the support of other truckers in the construction industry, like brick, gravels and size-stone suppliers, who too have decided to go on strike shortly if the sand suppliers’ demands are not met.

Secretary of the sand suppliers’ association B V Narayanappa reiterated the resolve of sand suppliers. “Until the government accepts our demand for a relook into the sand policy, we are not going to withdraw it,” he said.

Narayanappa said the government should frame a policy on loading sand instead of imposing penalties on truckers. If the policy cannot be framed, then the government should reduce the penalty fee.