Celebrating friendship

Celebrating friendship

The album has eight soulful ghazals sung by Ashok Khosla and composed by Amarjeet Bajwa.

Ashok Khosla’s last album Tere Hothon Ko Salaam released around nine years ago. “Now the scenario has changed. I have seen that phase where music companies used to cajole us to bring out an album but now, a singer chases the music company to release his album.

I cannot relate myself to such a scenario so I kept myself away,” said Ashok Khosla.  The function was held at the terrace of Ashok Khosla’s building.

While releasing the album, Pankaj Udhas commented on the long gap between the two albums and requested Ashok Khosla to come out with another album soon. “He should not deprive us of his soothing voice,” Pankaj Udhas added. Ashok Khosla also remembered Jagjit Singh.

“I run an old age ashram in Akurdi near Pune. When Jagjit Singh came to know about it, he purchased the plot adjoining the ashram and gifted it to the old age home. The building constructed on this plot is named after Jagjit Singh’s son Vivek,” said Ashok.