Possible to run all vehicles with biofuel in ten years: Kalam

Possible to run all vehicles with biofuel in ten years: Kalam

"In a decade's time, it may be possible that all the vehicles on the road will be be run on 100 per cent biofuel", the eminent technocrat said after inaugurating Robert Bosch Centre for Research in Cyber Physical Systems here today.

The centre was launched by Bosch, a global auto components major, with a proposed investment of Rs 140 crore over a ten year period at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

"Bosch has to work in developing a fuel injection system for such an eventuality (all vehicles running on biofuel)", Kalam said, and also suggested to the company to develop a fuel injection system for a potential diesel engine which would run with 40 per cent water and 60 per cent diesel.

Bosch said cyber-physical systems would address green technology and conserve energy in buildings.

"The house of the future will know what current energy prices are and the local weather is like, and optimise its energy consumption according to the needs of its occupants", the company said.

Bosch is creating a campus for IT design, cyber-physical systems, mobility solutions and renewable energy in collaboration with IISc.

Kalam also said that future war would be network centric and advocated that the country's armed forces need to be trained in virtual reality based on simulated warfare of all the terrains and all the extreme conditions of warfare.

Space, chemical and nuclear attacks and electronic encounter need to be visualised and proper counter-measures practiced. "Future soldiers will be knowledge workers", Kalam observed.