'Banking service in every village by 2013'

'Banking service in every village by 2013'

Speaking at a programme on Financial inclusion scheme at Rajanasiriyuru village in Halebeedu hobli, which has been selected as model village, he said as part of the programme every village which has a population of more than 2,000 would be provided banking facility before March 2012 and on the second phase, there is a plan to provide banking service to all villages by 2013.

He said, Rajanasiriyur village has become a perfect model village as only 141 persons had bank accounts around two years ago. Now, every family has minimum one account and the saving account has rised to 650 now. The team has visited the village to observe the changes in the vilage and the development of the village is satisfactory, he observed.

RBI regional director Uma Shankar, who spoke on the occasion said, there should be overall development of the country it should reach everyone.  Keeping this as the main objective, RBI has formulated the financial inclusion scheme and it has achieved 100 per cent success.

He attributed the success to the residents of the village without whose support any scheme would fail miserably.

ZP CEO Anjan Kumar said after nationalisation of banks, their responsibility has increased and the banks have also been giving more facilities to the poeple and it has even reached the rural population. At least one bank should be opened in 2400 villages in the district.Lead Bank president S Raman appreciated the people of the village for their support and also utilised the opportunity to explain about the various schemes of Canara Bank.

Banking Ombudsman Palaniswamy explained how to clear bank related problems. RBI General Manager A K Bhattacharya delivered keynote address.