Quack's treatment drives youth to suicide

Quack's treatment drives youth to suicide

Much to the shock of the family members, it was later revealed that Naeem Ahmed had a minor infection which could have been easily treated with modern medicines.

The youth consumed a large number of pain killers to kill himself soon after his  “doctor”, who runs a clinic in the Nai Basti area, told him about the “incurable” disease. The youth, after being discharged, again consumed insecticide on Monday resulting in his death.

Naeem, who had been suffering from pain in his neck for the past few months, had undergone a series of tests recommended  by the quack. According to his family members, Naeem was  depressed after being told about the disease.

What made the incident more tragic was that the experts, who were shown the test reports of Naeem, found that he did not have cancer at all.

Although the family members of Naeem did not file any complaint, the police raided the clinic. The accused “doctor” is at large.

With the health services in shambles, especially in the rural areas and smaller towns, it is quacks who rule the roost in many parts of the state.