Not a 'note' out of place

Not a 'note' out of place


The students will be starting their study holidays from next week. Hence, many have resorted to last minute preparations — clearing doubts with faculty members, getting correct answers for question banks and studying in groups.

The students have already drawn a time table and are following it religiously, blocking out all the distractions. “As prescribed by the VTU, we conduct three internals each semester. After the first internal, we rate the students on the basis of three categories — ‘excellent’, ‘good’ and ‘normal’.

Under Proctor System, we form a study group, which consists of students from all these three categories. In this system, the ‘excellent’ students help the ‘normal’ students out with their studies. After the regular tutorials, faculty members spend extra time for such students and encourage them to do better in the following exams,” informs Y S Kumaraswamy, Head, Department of Computer Applications — VTU.

“I have already completed the portion. Now, I have been re-phrasing the answers in my own language and preparing separate notes. This helps me remember technical answers. I avoid watching TV, logging onto Facebook and using mobile phone as much as possible to stay focussed on studies. I am keen on improving my aggregate this time as it is helpful during placements,” says Shwetha S, an engineering student.

Sharad Teerth, a third semester management student, says he has finished 60 per cent of the syllabus covered so far. “We have a total of eight chapters and six have been covered till now. We will be finishing the other two as well before we go for a study vacation. Last year, we got 15 days as study holidays. This time it has been reduced to ten days. But that is also sufficient considering we have been given consolidated preparation material from the department,” Sharad says.

Lakshmi Jagannathan, HOD, MBA (VTU) says that her department believes in preparing the students for life than for exams. “However, we don’t neglect examination scores. We equip students in such a way that they are confident about answering all the questions. At the same time, we make them do projects, seminars and presentations which help them understand the subject better.”

Nazia Firdosi, another management student, is busy with studies. “We have powerpoint presentations for many subjects. Currently, I am going through them. The best part of our college is that our teachers are always there to help us. We can contact them even through e-mails. Between every two exams, we have a day’s time. I will complete my portion before the exams start and dedicate that one-day gap for overall revision,” says Nazia.