Official suspended in Madikeri

Official suspended in Madikeri

It is said that the officer has been remaining absent at the office frequently, has been showing disregard to artistes and members of organisations who approach him and has also been avoiding KDP and other meetings in the district. He is also said to have been not co-operating well during the cultural programmes in the district.

Taking note of this Kannada and Culture Department director  Manu Baligar has ordered suspension of the officer.

Madikeri Information Department assistant director Vinod Chandra will be incharge of the post till the next order comes out.

Man ends life

A young man committed suicide hanging himself to a tree trunk at Dundalli Gram Panchayat limits. The sources say that he must have been under depression to end his life as he was seen grieving and missing his parents.

The deceased is Abhilash (24). He had been living with a daily wage worker named Nethravathi in Dundalli village over the last one year.

Nethravathi, in her complaint to the police said that she had come to know Abhilash only after her husband’s death and since she too was lonely she sought support in Abhilash. Hence the two have been living together at Shivapura since a year now.

“He has been grieving that he does not have parents. This must have compelled him to end his life,” said Nethravathi in her complaint.