A handy option for many

A handy option for many

Classified Ads

Informative: Many people feel that classifieds are quite useful.

These classifieds supply information about job opportunities, real estate, PG accommodations, automobiles and many other things. As whole magazines or full pages in newspapers are completely dedicated to this purpose, one gets a chance to compare one’s own specifications with others, in order to find the correct price.

Many feel that these classifieds are quite useful when a person urgently requires something, whether it is a home, job or an automobile. Poornesh, an insurance agent, says these advertisements helped him a lot when he was new to the City. “I found it difficult to find a home in the City three years back. As I didn’t have any contacts here, I referred ad-magazines and free-advertisements which came in handy in that situation. I found a reasonable home within two days. Even a few months back, my nephew found a PG accommodation near his college after leafing through these classified ads. If you don’t want to fall prey to agents or brokers, classifieds are a good option,” he says. 

Anil Maryala, a software engineer, also refers to these advertisements in newspapers. “I go through classifieds thoroughly, though I don’t want to make any kind of deals at present. I glance through matters related to real estate, building material suppliers and automobiles. I read them to get a better understanding of the land value in a particular area and to be acquainted with the price list of vehicles,” he says.

Classified ads, however, do have their own drawbacks. Sharath, a businessman, feels that they are not cent per cent reliable. “I have gone through these kinds of advertisements many a time. As one has to pay to get space in those magazines, most of the advertisements are in small fonts which are difficult to read. But they do offer great options to the readers as they are full of information,” he says, while adding that one has to be careful when dealing with property, vehicles and others valuable matters.

“The chances of getting into trouble are high when these advertisements are put up by middlemen. Sometimes the price mentioned in the paper will be entirely different from the actual price. It happened with me once when I showed interest in purchasing a car after seeing an advertisement in a newspaper. When I called that person, he had increased the price saying that he was getting more calls after putting that advertisement. I prefer to make deals through friends and known contacts, rather than these advertisements,” he concludes.