RSS says it supports Hazare movement but no 'official' link

RSS says it supports Hazare movement but no 'official' link

Reacting to RSS Chief Mohan Bhagawat's remarks in this regard, Hazare denied that RSS was supporting his movement. "We were with him. We are with him," Bhagwat said on the question of the Sangh Parivar founthead's support to the anti-graft movement.

Bhagwat however said RSS has not extended any help to anyone officially. "Nobody officially sought RSS support for the anti-corruption movement, and we also did not extend any help to anyone officially," Bhagwat told reporters in Kolkata.

Bhagwat said RSS had no objection to its members joining the movement in their individual capacity. "No swayamsevak has been barred from joining the anti-corruption movement."

"...The movement is his(Hazare) brainchild, he developed it. People see RSS is behind Anna what can I say about that. In our individual capacity our volunteers have the permission to support the movement," he added.

Bhagwat's comments came against the backdrop of Congress leader Digvijay Singh allegation that Hazare has a nexus with BJP-RSS in the anti-corruption agitation. "I have no relations with the RSS," he told reporters at his native Ralegan Sidhi village in Maharashtra while denying that RSS was supporting him.

"Let them say whatever they want. Yesterday Sonia Gandhi said something....They are just targeting me. The world knows who Anna is. What need is for me to be with them," he added. Bhagwat yesterday said RSS has not joined Hazare's movement but will participate if asked to do so. He also said that no 'swayamsevaks' have been barred from joining the programmes of the movement.

"We have not joined the movement. But the Sangh has not stopped any RSS member from taking part in their programmes," Bhagwat said in Kolkata. He said the RSS is trying to create good people who can lead a corruption-free life.

"If asked to, we will participate in the movement, but no request has come from Anna," he said.