Straight from the heart

Straight from the heart


Straight from the heart

Kailash Kher

The humble singer, lyricist and composer, who started his music career with advertising jingles, has now carved a niche for himself because of his unique voice and rendition style. The singer was in the City recently for a performance with Leslie Lewis. He got candid with Metrolife and spoke about his association with the Kannada film industry, collaboration with Leslie Lewis and his upcoming album.

Kailash will be coming out with a new album next year. Like his earlier offerings, the new album will also focus on intense emotions like love. “We have called this project Kailash Rangeele. As the name suggests, it is all about the colourful aspects of life, especially love. I am busy writing songs for this dream project. With this, I assure my audience that they will have something to look forward to in 2012,” he says.

After rendering thousands of songs in more than 18 languages across India, Kailash says he is inspired by different genres of music. “Each time I am introduced to a new form of music, I try to learn something from it. I have benefitted a lot by collaborating with musicians like Leslie Lewis who have got different sensibilities. Though he performs an entirely different form of music, we get along well both on and off stage,” he says. Speaking of his four-city tour with Leslie Lewis, he informs, “As Lewis is treating the audience to contemporary rock, I will be presenting Sufi music.”

Kailash reveals that Sufi music happened to him by chance. “I have had no formal training in Sufi music. I never knew anything about it before the media and people started calling my style as Sufi. I don’t know why people found my style to be Sufi but I accepted it and started exploring the genre. Gradually, I was inspired by its mystical quality, spiritual vibe and power to express pure emotions. Interestingly, though it is an old format, even youngsters love the kind of Sufi songs I perform. Whatever medium we use, ultimately we should be able to connect to our listeners. Hence, I always keep myself open to all forms of music,” Kailash utters.

Among the songs he has rendered for Kannada films, he is still fond of Hale Patre Hale Kabna from Junglee. “When I sang that composition, I didn’t know its meaning. When the song became a smash hit, I took interest to learn the meaning. I appreciate the lyricist for creating such a beautiful song using rustic and unappealing words,” he gushes.

How does he take care of his distinct voice?

“I meditate and practise yoga. When I am singing for other composers, I concentrate on how to convey the intended message of the song through my voice. When I am writing a song, I do it with the words I use. Being pure at heart, I can do justice to music as a singer, composer and lyricist. Meditation and yoga help me do that,” he reveals.