The flip side of technology

The flip side of technology

Increasing craze

The flip side of technology

Necessary evil: Many youngsters today feel that gadgets are an indispensable part of their lives.

Gadgets have become an inseparable part of our lives — the cellphone, laptop, MP3 player — people today don’t move around without these gadgets. They find it difficult to stay away from technology. They are attracted to the multi-features these gadgets have to offer. It makes life so much easier, they contend.

Metrolife interacted with a few young people to understand why they are so gadget dependent.

A lot of people confess that the pace of work depends on how fast these gadgets work. Patricia Charles, a student of St Joseph’s College says, “I carry an Mp4 player and cellphone with me whenever I am travelling. Gadgets are useful, especially when I lose my way or have to communicate with someone. I use these gadgets to find directions too.”

Gadgets have changed the way people communicate. Many begin their day with gadgets like music players, cellphones etc. These days, one hardly finds people scouting around for a cybercafe or a coin booth to communicate. 

Jagadeesha S K, a lecturer says, “Gadgets have become important entities in our lives. Gadgets like iPod, Mp3 and Mp4 players provide wholesome entertainment no matter where you are. Life is unimaginable without them.”

However, there are a few others who feel that they haven’t caught up with the latest technology and look at it as a disadvantage. They feel their pace is slower and aver that sometimes life comes to standstill without the knowledge of essential gadgets. Tilak D P, a student, says, “I do not have a craze for new technology but I find myself lagging behind and feel the need to update myself. For instance, e-notes reduce the use of papers. It is not a trend but a necessity.”

Rajesh Rawal, a civil engineer, can’t stop raving about the 3D gadgets, “It’s not only sophisticated but easier. 3D elevates the screen experience to another level altogether and provides marvellous insight into various things. I would prefer a single gadget with multi-features. For example, smart phones have facilities like email, GPS to find locations, and Mp3 to listen to songs.”

But extensive use of gadgets has a flip side as well. They cause health hazards such as shoulder pain, neck pain and pain around the wrist. While people must stay in touch with the latest technology, doctors advise that they should also regulate its use to prevent health problems. Dr Ashwini, a physician at Columbia Asia Hospitals, feels that gadgets have a negative impact on health. “Pain in shoulders, neck and thumb are common,” she points out.

“The device with the little keypads can cause pain in the thumb. Prolonged use of computers or laptops with an inappropriate sitting posture also causes backache,” she sums up.

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