Designing your teenager's space

Designing your teenager's space


SPACE TO CALL ONE’S OWN A teenage girl’s room, with a mural on the wall, and a bright shade of purple on the bed. (Photo : MODCCON INTERIORS)

It is said that on an average, a child’s attitude and behaviour changes about every three years. But when it comes to a teenager, however, it may seem that this happens more in minutes rather than years, which is why, when it comes to designing a teen bedroom, the designing phase should reflect a style which can be changed or completely redone as the child grows older and his/her tastes evolve.

Your teenager will be exited to have a space which s/he can call their own within the home. This space will reflect the personality of your teen.

Designing a nursery or play room may be easier when the child is younger.

However, planning a teen’s room becomes more of a joint effort as the child is more vocal about his or her dislikes. Thus, it is better to create a partnership between you and your teenage child while creating a space.

Thus, the most critical stage in the process of designing is communication. Listening to your child’s needs and requests, thoughts, ideas and suggestions is important.

Allow the teenagers’ personality to shine by utilising their own possessions as much as possible. This could be displaying photos, collages, trophies, books and other items that bring them comfort and familiarity. To them, their room is their sanctuary.

Define the function of the room by keeping in mind that a teenager’s room should be multi-purpose – a place to study, to read, sleep, watch TV, a place to entertain and a place to just relax and be themselves. Though it might seem impossible in a teen’s room, keeping the space clear of clutter could help. Create a plan to store and organise personal belongings, books, equipment, etc. A place for everything will give the room a cleaner feel and create an overall less stressful and happier environment. By doing so, you will create a habit of organisation in your teen.

Multifunctional furniture

There may be constraints about space, especially when the child has to create so many options for a room. It is advisable to choose multi-functional furniture, like getting extra storage under the beds or seats. A dresser can serve as a computer docking station, a nightstand on a desktop.

To obtain the maximum benefits out of the space, there are umpteen number of creative and functional furniture pieces available in the market today. Colour is also one of the most important elements in a teenager’s bedroom. You can go ahead and paint the entire walls any colour, but it is better if you keep the wall colour neutral, allowing the teen to use removable wall art or stencils as and when needed.

While installing lights in the teen’s room, what is needed is overhead lighting for daily tasks, table lamps for homework and also an option for ambient lighting to create little fun in the room, like funky chandeliers or themed lighting that fits their personality or interest. You may consider selecting a theme for your teenager’s bedroom.

Hobbies and sports, celebrities, rock stars, cars, shapes, etc are a few themes extremely appreciated by teens. Irrespective of the theme you are selecting, ensure to select one wall colour that is bright and inspiring. Stripes, checks and mural designs are also known to work very well on the walls.

A teenage boy’s room: Blues and greens combine to make a striking feature wall, the perfect foil for warm wood furniture and natural flooring. Cheerful motifs on the window treatment bring a playful element to the room. Colour and patterns transform the room into a playful space. Cowboy print roll paper can be a fun statement. A castle bed can create a sense of adventure. Any brightly printed rug or a bright coloured rocking chair can add a dash of drama to the room.

You could consider a nautical theme with quirky portholes and boat-shaped shelves with matching patchwork quilts in red white and blue scheme, and can be inviting for boys. Opt for blocks of strong colour and modular furniture such as a low-level chair and a TV unit on wheels for a multi-functional space. Study wall hooks are ideal for hanging up skateboards and guitars to create more floor space.

In a teenage girl’s room, the decor items can be well connected to create interiors that are both functional and aesthetic.

The colours for a teenage girl’s room can be a mix of bright colours and a palette of soft shades. It can be pretty, sophisticated or trendy and glamorous. Make sure you include a mirror, which is both a functional and aesthetic element.

A combination of polkas and stripes on the walls with a clutter of colourful picture frames and mirrors can look great in a girl’s room. No girl’s room is complete without a little sparkle or a good shine. A large bed can add the glamour and luxury that your girl needs especially if it is accessorised properly.

If your teenager is more artistic the bedroom can be given a more funky or bohemian air. A girl also needs more versatile storage places. Besides space to study, they also need an area to show their pictures and store their favourite make-up. A teenage girl’s bedroom must be fresh with bright colours and a floral bend. 

(The author is an interior designer.)