Tea planters can party this year

Tea planters can party this year

Untimely rain blesses the plantations

Yes, the untimely rain might have devastated the dreams of farmerscultivating areca and coffee but when it comes to tea planters in and around Kalasa hobli, it is time to make hay when the sun shines.

The rain that has been lashing over the hobli over 15 days has helped the tea plants grow luxuriously with dark green leaves ready to be plucked and dried.

The tea leaves picked in November is usually dull otherwise .
Fortunately for planters the rains in November has brought luck and surety of having bumper yield.

“There is mild heat till afternoon and favourable rain lash in the evening. With this the tender tea leaves have grown in bounty. The quantity has almost doubled this month,” says a planter lamenting that only shortage of workers has become a cause of worry this time.

Quality tea production is possible only if the leaves are plucked once in 15 days.Now the planters fear that the quality might suffer due to lack of shortage of workers to pick the tender leaves.