Price crash hits papaya growers

Price crash hits papaya growers

Farmers sell the fruit at roadsides

Great demand for the fruits had encouraged the farmers to grow papaya in large
number in the taluk, which proved to be a profitable cultivation then. A kg of fruit fetched the farmers up to only Rs 10.

Direct selling

The produce as directly sent from the farm to the market.

The sharp decline in the price has forced the farmers to sell their produce on the roadside. The retailer are fixing the price according to the size of the fruits.

Low demand

The demand for the produce at the local market is also low forcing the growers to leave the fruits unplucked at the farm.

Adding to the woes of the growers, pests and the inclement weather have also affected the yield, said Srinivas, a papaya grower.

There is also a feeling that good yield may have also led to price crash.