DC warns of action against troublemakers

DC warns of action against troublemakers

Peace meeting held in Kolar, following Wednesdays group clash and bundh in city

The leaders were speaking at the peace meeting organised at Zilla Panchayat auditorium in Kolar on Thursday.

The leaders said the tense situation in the city, after pieces of meat where found in a temple, is a matter of shame for every body.

Every individual must be cautious against the malicious attempts of vested interests to create divide and hatred among the members of various castes and religions.
The leaders emphasised that the incidents leading to communal clashes should never occur.

Stray incidents

For the past one month even stray incidents are leading to clashes in the city. It is needless to say that most of them have been instigated by forces from outside the district.

The vested interests are involved in divide and rule policy. It has become imperative to find these forces and put an end to their sordid plans.
Further, members of various castes and religions should staunchly condemn and thwart attempts to communalise issues that could lead to violence, the leaders said.

Water woes

Interestingly, the peace meet also became a platform to air water woes of the city.
Many leaders felt that instead of insensitively reacting to communal incidents, people and administration should think of ways to solve water problems of the city.

The leaders recalled a 21-year-old incident where following communal flare up, curfew was imposed in the city for 90 days.

They added that since then the incidents disturbing communal harmony had been nipped in the bid but Wednesday’s incident had once again brought back the fears.


An enquiry should be conducted into the incident and miscreants, irrespective of their religion should be punished. If necessary the case should be handed over to CoD, they added.

Police blamed

A section of the leaders blamed the police inaction for the incident. The leaders opined that a few days ago a few responsible citizens had allegedly caught people illegally transporting cattle and had handed over them to police.

However, police instead taking action against the culprits had let them scot free leading to the incident, alleged a section of the people at the meeting.

Probe begins

Deputy Commissioner Manoj Kumar Meena has warned of strict action against those trying to disrupt law and order in the city.

Addressing a peace committee meeting at the Zilla Panchayat auditorium here on Thursday, he said police have begun investigations into Wednesday’s incident.
Measures will be taken to provide security to all the temples in the city. “However, we need co-operation from the people,” he added.

Stringent measures will be initiated against those indulging in illegal cattle transportation. Deputy Commissioner Meena said that an abattoir will be set up soon at the city and peace committees will be formed in all the wards.

‘Blot on city’s image’

He urged the leaders of various communities to prevail upon their community members and help in maintaining peace.

District Superintendent of Police Tyagarajan termed the incident as a “black mark” on the city’s image. He said that no shop will be allowed to remain open beyond 11 pm.
The meeting decided that peace committees must actively participate in maintaining harmony when such incidents occur.

Hence, the committees must meet at least once in three months to ensure peace among communities.  

Additional DCsioner N Babanna, ZP Chief Executive Officer N Shantappa, Additional Superintendent of Police H R Bhagwan Das, Tahsildar Dayanand and leaders of various communities were present.


* Investigation into Wednesday’s incident.
* Measures to form peace committees in wards.
* Closure of illegal meat shops
* Measures to set up abattoirs
* Orders issued to close of shops after 11 pm.