Death for throwing girl out of train

Death for throwing girl out of train

Court says planning of accused was diabolic and execution brutal

The judge also sentenced him to life time imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on different counts. The multiple sentences will run concurrently.

Earlier, the court had found Govindachami of Salem in Tamil Nadu guilty of various charges. The court observed that the planning of the accused was diabolic and execution brutal.

The judgment added that the accused Govindachami if left alive would pose a threat to women.  As per the argument of prosecution, Soumya, a 23-year-old girl was pushed out of a moving train by the accused and brutally assaulted and raped on February 1.

The attack occurred at night when Soumya was alone on the coach. She was spotted unconscious in the woods the next day and was taken to hospital but succumbed to injuries after five days.

The court accepted the argument of the prosecution that the case was rarest of the rare. The prosecution also argued that Govindachami is a hard core criminal and produced evidence on crimes committed by the accused in Tamil Nadu earlier.

Though initially it was thought that Govindachami who is also a handicapped was a beggar, later it came to light that the accused had sufficient resources. During the trail, high profile advocates from Mumbai appeared for him in the court.

Following this there have been accusations that he is a member of a mafia with links to the Mumbai underworld. Interestingly, during the trail, Dr Unmesh, a forensic surgeon at Thrissur Medical College in Kerala, gave a statement which could help the accused.

Meanwhile, the vehicle carrying Govindachami was attacked by public when it was on the way to the Central jail. Govindachami was earlier attacked by the public on the court premises during the trial.