Aramane Gudda Shrouded in mystery and beauty

Aramane Gudda Shrouded in mystery and beauty

A splendid view around Aramane Gudda, said to be trekkers’ paradise.

Well, if you are planning a trek to Aramane Gudda then Mugilagiri will happen by choice and the vice-versa. The best season to hit the region is November to January because the rains have just stopped leaving behind the lush green blanket of grass coupled with chilly weather in the Shiradi. February onwards the heat starts catching up and the temperature can rise to an intolerable point.

The hill is shrouded with unsolved mysteries after three people who went trekking here were lost and found as skeletons.

With this incident, which took place couple of years ago, the number of people going to Aramane gudda had reduced for a while. Today Aramane Gudda is one of the most frequently trekked routes because all said and done it is undoubtedly a heaven on earth worth experiencing. However, trekking experts advice that going to this area with group of friends, a guide or a person who knows the terrain well is better.

Reaching Aramane Gudda is easy. One can take Gundya, Shiradi route or even reach the spot via Kadamane Estate in Sakleshpur.

Being the longest trek route the trekkers and adventurers will have to go with all preparations. Covering Aramane Gudda in one day is practically impossible because of the fact that there is no other connectivity from one peak to another. One has to cover the ups and downs along the valley to reach to the next peak. The Bengalar Betta in the region in specific is the most tedious trekking route, say the regular trekkers.

At the base of the Aramane Gudda, there is a place perfect for adventurers to put up their camp and rest. A river flowing next to this spot not only adds to the beauty of the spot but also turns out to be life giving.

Mugilagiri is a must see here. There can be no trek to Aramane Gudda without reaching Mugilagiri. Ombatthu Betta, Venkatagiri and Deepadakallu, Pandavarabetta, Jenkalbetta in Mudigere range are the hills that a trekker to Aramane Gudda can see.