Indian spirituality enchants her

Indian spirituality enchants her

Lisa has come to Manipal on four month internship programme on wildlife conservation programme.

Sharing some of her feelings, speaking to City Herald she says that India has made her wonder as to how best both negative and positive aspects of a society can go hand in hand on the same soil.

She says “I was mentally prepared as I knew I will undergo entirely different experience once I land in India but I never had any sort of a cultural shock.”

Calling Indians to be a bunch of friendly people, she says that she has had some bitter experience of being made to pay double the amount for some commodities and auto rides just because she is a foreigner.

Remembering one of her most obnoxious experiences, Lisa says that she has promised herself never to go to Delhi because it was the national capital where she felt as to how badly a section of Indians can treat people like her.

However, Lisa has fallen in love with the people of Jaipur, Mumbai, Mangalore and Goa. She hopes to visit these places before returning to her homeland.

Laughing over her experience of wearing saree, Lisa said that like every foreigner she too had the desire to try out Indian attire and hence she chose saree. “It was quite nice and comfortable in the beginning but when I started sweating due to the hot summer, I could not resist myself from going for a change,” she said.

Parent-kid relationship

Narrating the kind of relation she shares with her parents, Lisa quite proudly says that she need not do a ‘namaste’ or touch their feet but she knows that she respects her parents too much.

“It is a friendly relationship that I share with my parents. We are very open, to the extent that my parents themselves settled me down with my beau so that we get to spent quality time with each other. They are like visitors in my house dropping in whenever I need them,” she says.

Strange but true, Lisa loves spicy Indian food which had left longing water and gasping for air many times.

Germany is the land of breads and Lisa likes the Indian varieties of bread which is different from Germany. “I love palak dishes too,” says Lisa.

Lisa who had come keeping spiritual picture of India in mind now wants to explore the same, before she leaves to her homeland.

 “I will miss India very much when I go back. If I was an Indian it would have been easier to live here but since I am a foreigner adjusting to this place sometimes gets difficult. I will however leave with whole lot of beautiful memories,” she sings off.