Rabi rain brings good ragi grains

Rabi rain brings good ragi grains

Bumper crop

However, incessant rain during the rabi season has resulted in a good crop of ragi and has brought a smile on the faces of the Malur farmers.

The farmers have no access to irrigated water and are highly dependent on rain water for their agricultural activity. The prominent crops include ragi, groundnut, string beans and tur dal. Last year due to good rains there was 100 per cent yield in ragi crop.

This year during the kaharif season the farmers hoping for a good monsoon had sowed ragi, but they were let down by the rain gods. The crops began to dry. However due to good rains during the last 10 days in all parts of the taluk, the ragi crop has shown a promising harvest.

Although the rains have not brought enough water to their wells and lakes, the greening of their crops has brought them satisfaction.

The farmers now hope to get at least 75 to 80 per cent yield on their crop. In some parts of the taluk, the ragi crop is ready for harvesting. However, most places face the problem of shortage of labour for the harvesting of the ragi crop. Some farmers use harvesting machinery.