Book Rack

Book Rack

The litigators
John Grisham

Hodder, 2011, pp 436,Rs. 350

An unlikely trio make up Finley and Figgs, specialists in injury claims, quick divorces and DUIs. With no previous experience on facing a jury in federal court, they take on one of the biggest pharmaceuticals companies in the US.

The tigerclaw tree
P A Krishnan
Tranquebar, 2011, pp 319,Rs. 295

This is a story of shifting fortunes of a Tenkalai Iyengar family, each member of which attempts to fill his role in their family legacy of idealism, political involvement, and betrayal.

Children of war
Anirudh Annam
Frog Books, 2011, pp 488,Rs. 345

A conspiracy to unleash a nuclear holocaust on India has been revealed. Aryan Ved and his team must track down the terrorists who have already entered the Indian borders with a stolen nuclear warhead...

Agnostic khuswant : there is no god!
Khuswant Singh with Ashok Chopra
Hay House, 2011, pp 246,Rs. 299

Khuswant Singh questions the relevance of God and in doing so, he goes through the significance of the holy books we swear by today, and tries to dispel any prejudices that people of one religion may have of another.

Nandanvan and other stories
Lakshmi Kannan
Orient Blackswan, 2011, pp 266,Rs. 325

A collection of 17 stories written originally in Tamil by the author herself, this compilation find their place in locations all around the world, from homes, hospitals, university, and even the London tube.

The making of the goddess: korravai, durga in tamil traditions
R Mahalakshmi
Penguin, 2011, pp 357,Rs. 499

This book analyses the impact of socio-economic and political contexts upon the transformations and changes that our understanding of Mother Goddess has undergone.

C V Raman - A biography
Uma Parameswaram
Penguin, 2011, pp 248,Rs. 350

A biography tracing the life and times of a “trailblazer of modern science”, C V Raman. This account takes us through his life, by revisiting his childhood, relationships and travels across the world thus throwing some light into one of the greatest minds to have graced our nation.

Brand about
Andrea Syverson
Macmillan, 2011, pp 207,Rs. 295

A serious, yet playful approach towards brand building, for passionate brand builders and merchants. This book outlines certain principles that one should adopt whilst constructing a brand, and creating product that can be well distinguished in the market place.