Howzzat! Government official writes in 125 styles with both hands

Howzzat! Government official writes in 125 styles with both hands

Government official Ravi Prakash Saraswat, 50, has mastered the art of writing in 125 styles from either hand and is now eyeing the record books.

Saraswat, a resident of  Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh, takes everyone by surprise when he writes in different styles with both hands.

"I love doing it. Producing different kinds of handwriting in English and Hindi has been my hobby and passion from childhood,'' Saraswat said.

"I have been practising writing in different forms for the last 35 years. It's only due to the constant practice that now I can write in 125 styles from both hands with equal ease," he added.

Interestingly, Saraswat is adept at writing in any direction - inverted, backwards, or even from bottom upwards. "If you are sitting opposite me, I can write in such a way that you would be able to read the text without changing your position.''

"Be it down to top, right to left or any other direction, I can write easily. I am also able to produce different handwritings simultaneously from both my hands," said Saraswat, a personal secretary to an additional district judge in Badaun district.

Saraswat has applied to the Limca Book of Records to get his feat recognised. "Limca Book officials have acknowledged my application. I am quite confident that one day I will make it to the record book,'' said Saraswat.

Asked what made him take up the unique art, Saraswat replied, "When I was in school my handwriting was not good. I was often scolded for my handwriting... Then I just decided to imitate the handwriting of some of my friends. Gradually, my handwriting also improved and I got blessed with this unique talent.''

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