India will soon be third largest economy: Dr Kakodkar

India will soon be third largest economy: Dr Kakodkar

He was delivering the 12th convocation address of Manipal University here at KMC Greens on Saturday. He said democracy has taken roots in Independent India.

“We have an unparallel demographic dividend with the largest youth force. Indian youth have demonstrated their capabilities through their impact, here as well as in abroad. The world is now a highly interconnected place and the idea of A3- that is anyone, anywhere and anytime connected society is taking place. Besides, world is fast embracing knowledge economy following which technology is changing our lives faster that we would have ever imagined,” said.

Stating that one needs to be conscious about the impact of these rather rapid transitions taking place around us, Dr Kakodkar said that everyone  needs to prepare the societies to benefit from these transitions while preventing their ill effects.

“Some of the challenges before our society include opportunities and threats created by increasingly competitive interconnected world and the potential for greater disparities and threats to time tested Indian value system,” he said.

“We should recognise that large number of Indians have made key contributions over the years with great degree of foresight in preparing our societies in the past. They have contributed in shaping the evolution of our society in a healthy manner and in the right direction through their wisdom, sustained work and passionate effort,” he said.

The very fact that Indian traditions and culture have survived through centuries of external influences give us hope about our societies responding correctly to changing paradigm.

“We need people in large numbers who can guide and shape the society as it evolves through knowledge and technology driven transitions on one side and rapid mixing of cultures driven by instant communications that take place,” he added,