Champu Kavya more relevant, says Dr Sharma

Champu Kavya more relevant, says Dr Sharma

Kalburgi calls for updating knowledge on literature, history

Speaking about ‘Pracheena Kannada Sahitya: Sangarsha Mathu Samarasya’- particularly on ‘Prabhutvadondige Mukamuki (Champu Sahitya’) at Rathnakaravarni stage of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi auditorium of Vidyagiri Shrimati Sundari Anand Alva premises, Keshav Sharma said that, ‘Champu’ kavya, which goes back to 10th century is a mixture of prose and poetry and is a predominant style in Kannada literature. This ‘Champu Kavya has laid foundation for many different ways of writing in Kannada,” he said.

“Champu Kavya is different from literary works produced by the literary legend Pampa. The writings of Pampa and Ranna are short-lived, but the purview of Champoo Kavya is wider. Here prose is used to explain the ‘Kriye’ (happenings) and poetry is used for ‘Varnane’ (Narration). It explains the inner conflict of a person,”Keshav Sharma said explaining the speciality of the literary form with the example of writings on Bharatha and Bhahubali.

“According to Champu Kavya, there existed ‘Dharma’ (religion) but this Dharma had no rules. The ruler followed his ‘dharma’ and the subjects were free to follow their own beliefs,” he added.

Researcher Dr B Janardhan Bhat said that, in Kannada prose literature was started by Jain institutions. They played a major role in enhancing Kannada literature.

Their major works are on Indian mythology which attracted more Kannada readers.

‘Aadipurana’ of Pampa was a translation of Jinabhadhra Acharya’s ‘Aadipurana’.
Sammelana President Litterateur Nadoja M M Kalburgi summurised the session and said that, in past there were only two religions; Jain and Vaidika.

Some great personalities of Kartanaka history like Atthimabbe were not Jains by caste but were Jains by religion. It is believed that the younger sister of Attimabbe followed ‘Sathi Sahagamana’ (a system where woman jumps into the funeral pyre of her husband). “We have to update our knowledge by reading the latest findings about our literature and history”, he suggested.

Alvas Chitrasiri award
Senior artist Marishamachar was conferred ‘Alvas Chitrasiri award’ at the second day of Alvas Nudisiri here on Saturday.

Speaking after receiving the award, he said artist K K Hebbar centenary celebrations has started in 2010. He urged the State government to set up a foundation in the name of K K Hebbar. He said Hebbar Centre should be started at Kala Grama in Bangalore.
“It was K K Hebbar who gave new dimension to line drawing. His work were known for its honest,” he said.

Sammelan President Dr M M Kalburgi gave away the award. Alvas Foundation Chairman Dr M Mohan Alva, Chitrasiri advisory committee member Ramdas Adyanthaya, Koti-rasad Alva were present.