Erosion of Brahmin support worries BSP

Erosion of Brahmin support worries BSP

Some party leaders believe that the difficulties the party has in bringing in more Brahmins for its “Brahmin Sammelan” on Sunday is evidence that its support base amongst the community is dwindling.

“Earlier, Mayawati had entrusted S C Mishra, the party’s Brahmin face, with the responsibility to bring the community members to the meeting but realizing that he may not get enough number of Brahmins (this time), she has now roped in the MLAs,” said a BSP leader

“Every legislator has been directed to bring  at least two bus loads of Brahmins from their respective assembly constituencies to fill the venue,” he added.

“The equations have cha-nged drastically since the last assembly polls…three Brahmin ministers were sacked after adverse Lokayukta report…two Brahmin legislators are in jail on charges of rape and murder.

“There is a feeling among the Brahmin leaders that Mayawati did not protect them, though many others who were involved in criminal activities were not touched,” he added.
“We are not getting enough number of Brahmins to be taken to the meet…if the number falls short, we will have no option but to fill the venue with people from other castes,” said an MLA.

The “desperate” MLAs have offered the participants (Brahmins only) a tour of the city and free food and lodging in a bid to attract them.

The BSP aims at bringing over one lac Brahmins to the meeting to show that it still enjoyed their support. Party leaders say that the chief minister had, in apparent bid to woo the community, written to the prime minister Manmohan Singh recently seeking reservation for the upper caste poor in government jobs.

“The social engineering formula had proved to be a big success for the party…this time however, it does not seem to be working and if the situation continues, the party may have to pay a heavy price in the polls,” the leaders say.