Cool designs with a perfect fit

Cool designs with a perfect fit

Haute style

COURTESY: DH photos by Shivakumar B HConfident and edgy

The latest collection of the brand consists of ankle-length shoes, checked shirts, vintage tees and various styles of denims. The collection has four main looks which highlight the new line — Vintage, Premium, Original and Core. Vineet Gautam, Country Head, says that each one of these looks has been inspired by what the brand stands for — cool, confident and edgy looks for men.

Elaborating on each of the looks, Vineet says that the ‘Vintage’ look is made for men who admire vintage clothing but prefer a modern twist. The look is very casual and allows one to express his individuality.

To create multi-functional garments is what the ‘Original’ look is all about. “This line mainly comprises outdoor garments which are useful for both everyday wear and sports activities,” says Vineet.

The ‘Premium’ line gives one a more grown-up look. The collection has an array of classic designs and a playful, charming, youthfulness combined with updated designs. “This mainly caters to the guys who are self confident and innovative,” adds Vineet.

The ‘Core’ look of ‘Jack & Jones’ features jeans with the trendiest fits and treatments.

T-shirts, shirts and knits reflect the current trends with funky designs and daring prints as well as carefully selected colours and fabrics. “Each one of these looks delve into the distinctive personalities of a cosmopolitan guy,” says Vineet.

Knits, checks and ‘nordic’ patterns are some of the USPs of the collection. Suggesting some tips for today’s generation, Vineet says that while picking a look, one should look out for structured jackets, rugged jeans and cool fedora hats. “This season is also about accessorising each of the looks. Youngsters can use bracelets, belts, hats or even scarves to accessorise their looks,” sums up Vineet.

Iqbal Bhatt, III Year, Jain University, went for a printed white T-shirt and khaki coloured shorts from the ‘Premium Trend’ look.

Punchline: “There’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I really like the combination of colours and the fit.”
Price: T-shirt: Rs 645; Shorts: Rs 2,445