People's Problem

People's Problem

No bus service

Bangalore Metro train has become a reality. But the BMTC must take note of the fact that the residents of Someswarapura, Ulsoor have to trudge two  kms to any
bus stop or the Metro rail station.

It would help the residents of this layout if  the feeder route plies through Someswarapura and provide connectivity to Domlur Bus station, CMH Road and
Halasuru Metro rail stations.

Ever since the buses on  Cambridge Road were withdrawn some years ago, the residents are at the mercy of autorickshaw drivers or forced to use their private vehicles.

BMTC  should also ply some 33 series buses with a specific detour on Cambridge Road as the two way traffic has been restored from Trinity circle to Ulsoor and beyond.
ABS Ramani, Cambridge Layout Halasuru

Roads not asphalted for 2 years
The road at Udayanagar 2nd Cross connecting to the Uttarahalli Main Road is in a bad condition. This road is not asphalted for the last two years.

At least BBMP can do their bit by filling up the potholes on this road. It is very dangerous for two-wheelers since this road enters the very busy Uttarahalli Main road with heavy traffic flow and is a channel for accidents.

Rain makes the matters worse with water filling the potholes and making them deeper and dangerous.
Satish, Chikkalasandra
Uttarahalli Main Road

Lanes for BMTC buses at stops
The BMTC bus stops at various places needs to be regularised. For example, the bus stop at Madivala Police station for buses towards Silk Board extends right from Krupanidhi college end and up to Madivala police station.

All BMTC buses have to be instructed to come along the left lane only near the stop so that it is easier for commuters to see all the buses coming to the stop and alight their appropriate buses.

Many times private vehicles, two-wheelers and four-wheelers occupy the left lane here while the BMTC buses ply along the right most end of the road thereby making it difficult for the commuters to run all along the road to board the bus.

A suitable barricade may please be made and ensured that only BMTC buses alone come in this barricaded area along the left lane of the road in this stop. The boards of all BMTC buses also may be made digital, similar to Volvo buses for the convenience of commuters to board the correct buses to their destination. Will the BMTC officials make the above arrangements, at the earliest?
R Ramanathan

Trees felled
I am a resident of Kammanahalli and in the last five years have observed that the once densely forested area has been steadily making way for commercial complexes and residential areas.

Recently trees were felled to make way for wires along the Kammanahalli Main Road alongside the shopping complexes. It is indeed regrettable that this act is being given a go bye by the authorities concerned.
A concerned resident
Kalyan Nagar

Allow passes in mini buses
It has been observed for quite some time that students’ bus passes are not allowed in BMTC mini buses. This has caused a lot of inconvenience to little children who travel in BMTC buses.

We are made aware that the students are allowed to travel in all the buses of BMTC except Volvo, which is quite reasonable and acceptable. The students are made to get down from the mini buses by the conductor in-charge, which is embarrassing to the children.

In fact, children are scared to board mini buses due to the harassment by bus conductors.

Even though several oral complaints have been made to the depot manager, no action has been taken and the problem still persists.

The following are the buses, to name a very few, which do not allow children with passes to travel: 271K, 99B (bus no. 2690 of Depot 26). Will the authorities concerned look into the matter and instruct their staff to allow children in their buses.
Praveen R Darbar

Electricity poles obstructing traffic
We are happy to see that during last three months the Puttehnahalli-Kothnur Road road was fully asphalted and all traffic signs including road bump blinking signals, lane marking provided.  Even traffic signal is installed at Brigade Millennium junction.

However Bescom has not shifted the poles which are on the road between the
Government School and Big Bazaar junction). This is a  traffic hazard especially in
the night.

The road is widened but not properly asphalted to the full width of the road.  We are told that the portion of the work will be done only  after removal of  Bescom poles. We request immediate action on shifting of the poles.
T V Rao, Puttanahahalli
JP Nagar 7th Phase

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