Norway gunman to be held at least until February 6: Court

Norway gunman to be held at least until February 6: Court

The 32-year-old will remain in custody until a new hearing on his continued detention is held on February 6, the court ruled.

Judge Torkjel Nesheim meanwhile said the confessed killer's visits and correspondence will be strictly restricted for the first eight weeks and he will have no access to media for the first four weeks of the renewed detention period.

During the hearing, which was Behring Breivik's first public court appearance since the attacks, he asked permission to address the survivors and families of his victims sitting in the courtroom alongside journalists and members of the general public, but was turned down.

His lawyer, Geir Lippestad, said after the hearing he did not know what his client had planned to say.

Behring Breivik has admitted setting off a car bomb outside Norway's government offices in Oslo, killing eight people, before going on a shooting rampage on the nearby island of Utoeya where the ruling Labour Party's youth wing was hosting a summer camp.

Sixty-nine people, mostly teens, died in the shooting massacre.

The right-wing extremist has however insisted he is not criminally guilty, claiming his acts were "cruel but necessary," and has rejected the legitimacy of the Oslo court to judge him.