'State for compulsory education up to 16 yrs'

'State for compulsory education up to 16 yrs'

 A proposal has already been submitted to the Union government, said Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri.

Speaking after inaugurating the Children’s Day programme at the Government Higher Primary School, in Sirsi on Monday, the minister said: “ Now compulsory education for children extends from six to 14 years. However, the State government is contemplating on extending it up to 10th standard.”

No closure of schools
The State will not close down government schools.

If the students’ enrolment shows an upward swing, more government schools will be opened.

Moreover, those who are against closure of government schools should send their children to State-run schools, said Kageri.

As education is the top-most priority of the present government, the State is committed to provide quality education to all children, he added.

To mark the Children’s Day celebrations the minister interacted with students. Also present on the occasion were Taluk Panchayat president Sumangala Bhat, City Municipal Council president Ravi Chandavar, Zilla Panchayat members Shobha Naik and Usha Hegde.