Change of guard in UP Cong

Change of guard in UP Cong

Where one would supposed to find big cut-outs of party President Sonia Gandhi, there was only the image of its young general secretary and his great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru who made the Phulpur constituency a Congress citadel in the 1950s and early 60s.

The pictures of Sonia and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh were accorded a small place among the cut-outs.

Sensing the change in emphasis, where the party’s young gun is allowed to kick-off a major campaign, the crowd gathered to listen to Rahul had all in praise for him. There were inevitable comparisons with his great granddad.

“Apparently Sonia has handed over the baton to Rahul, which is good in a way...Rahul is young and wants to do something for the country,” said septuagenarian R C Mishra, a resident of Phulpur, who had attended many election meetings of Pandit Nehru here.

“Rahul also speaks like Nehru....Nehru, too, wanted the people to change their outlook and he always laid emphasis on development,” Mishra told Deccan Herald.

SP men wave black flags

The SP workers, who had assembled just outside the venue of the public rally, took out black flags and began waiving them as soon as the Congress leader landed by chopper at the venue. The SP workers were allegedly thrashed by the Congress workers before they were taken away by the police.