Rahul gives 'wake UP' call

Rahul gives 'wake UP' call

“Soch badalna jaruri hai...kab tak jagoge batao....kab tak Maharashtra, Punjab mein bheekh mangoge....mujhe jawab chahiye” (it is essential to change the mindset...tell me when will you wake up...how long will you keep begging in Maharashtra, Punjab....I want an answer), Rahul said while addressing an impressive gathering at Jhusi in Phulpur, about 15 kilometres from Allahabad.

Phulpur was also the lok sabha constituency of Pandit Nehru, who had contested elections from here thrice in 1952, 1957 and 1962. 

Rahul lamented that the land which was once represented by Nehru, was now represented by a member of the “mafia,” he said referring to the criminal casea against the sitting BSP MP from Phulpur Kapil Muni Karwaria. 

Rahul justified his earlier statement that he became angry, when he came to UP by saying that if the government did not listen to the plight of the poor and deprived he would certainly be angry. “Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav also used to be angry once but now their anger has died because they are now hungry for power,” he said.

On corruption

 Taking a dig at the Mayawati regime for being neck-deep in corruption, the Congress leader said only in UP can a woman bear a baby every week.

The Congress leader also reiterated his charge that the massive financial assistance given by the UPA government to the state was put to good use.

Rahul exhorted the people to help in the formation of a government, which cared for them and believed in development and not in caste.

Earlier, an impressive crowd cheered Rahul as he landed on the helipad made near the venue.