Land sharks swallow one more lake

Land sharks swallow one more lake

Giddanakere, also known as Hoodikere, has been a victim of BBMP’s apathetic attitude. Located in the KR Puram zone of the Palike, the lake was in a good condition just five years ago. But rampant encroachment, discharge of sewage and industrial effluents into the lake proved to be beginning of the end for it.

Local residents say the lake water was used for drinking purposes 10 years ago. Different species of flora and fauna grew around the lake making it a visitors’ delight. It was home to many local as well as migratory birds.

Hanumanthappa, a local resident, rued that the government was doing nothing to conserve lakes in the City, including Hoodikere.

“I am pained to see the present status of this lake. If you had seen this lake five years ago, this was the best one. But today, its water stinks. People are least bothered about the lake and its water table,” said Hanumanthappa.

The lake bed has been encroached upon, while sewage and industrial waste are choking the lake. Due to the high level of contamination, weeds have grown and silt has formed.
Muniyappa, another resident of the area, said every year, fishermen used to get good money by selling the fresh-water fish, which is in great demand. But now, all the fish have died.

“Every six months, we get news about the death of fish here. Needless to say, it is due to the level of pollution in the lake. The government and the civic agencies are doing nothing about the poor condition of the lake,” said Muniyappa.

Though the BBMP has fenced the boundary of the lake, land sharks pulled down the fencing poles and dumped soil in the lake bed so as to encroach it.

When Palike engineers dealing with lakes in the City were contacted, they said they had no information about industrial waste being let into the lake and the ‘fresh’ encroachment bid there.