Pakistani players may skip WSH

Pakistani players may skip WSH

"There is no question of Pakistani players taking part in WSH. Not a single player will play. Chinese team is touring Pakistan from December 19 and our national team will play against them," PHF general secretary Asif Bajwa told PTI Bhasha.

"FIH has written a letter to us which clearly states that this league is unsanctioned. Our national team members will not take part in it and those who are not in the team at present will also follow the suit," he said.

"All the players who are affiliated with our units will have to avoid this league."
WSH is a lucrative league organised by the Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) and Nimbus Sports. IHF is not affiliated to the FIH and the world body recognises Hockey India (HI) as the national federation for Hockey in India.

FIH has also threatened to bar the players from its future tournament if they take part in WSH.

In the same letter, the world body has suggested them to wait till 2013 when FIH and Hockey India will launch their own world league.

As many as nine players from Pakistan have signed the contract with WSH and striker Rehan Butt is the captain of one of the eight franchise.

Rehan also admitted that it is now very difficult for them to be a part of this league.
"I don't think that we will be able to play in current circumstances. I have sent the copy of FIH letter to Nimbus yesterday and asked them to clarify the position. They have asked for three days. I am waiting for their reply," he told from Lahore.