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Tv talk

MAESTRO A R RahmanStriking the right chord

The Mozart of Madras, AR Rahman, has struck magic once again as songs from his latest musical masterpiece ‘Rockstar’ have become a rage with the audiences. Produced by Shree Ashtavinayak and Eros International, Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Rockstar’ stars Ranbir Kapoor and shows his journey to stardom.

With the Oscar-winning AR Rahman at the helm, the music of the highly anticipated film, specially the song Sadda Haq has been loved by the youth.

Across all media, be it TV channels, radio, Blackberry statuses, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, the song has struck the right chord with fans and listeners generating a positive word of mouth, discussing it online, keeping it as their statuses and even incorporating the words Sadda Haq as part of their daily lingo.

The entire album, overall, has been given a thumbs up by cine-goers. The amalgamation of western rock and Indian conventional music has apparently proven successful as Rahman’s inspiring collection has been given high ratings by music critics. He had also roped in Orianthi Panagris, an internationally acclaimed guitarist who has worked with Michael Jackson. Singer Mohit Chauhan has lent his voice to Ranbir’s character ‘Jordan’ in the film for the entire album.

The last songs that fuelled the passion of people were Salim-Sulaiman’s Chak De
India and AR Rahman’s ‘Rang De Basanti’. Looks like India’s Gen-Next have another
anthem in their midst!

Cold emotions

HBO presents ‘Game of Thrones’ on November 16 at 9 pm. The movie stars Sean Bean, Lena Headey and Mark Addy. Incensed over news of Daenery’s alliance with the Dothraki, King Robert orders a pre-emptive strike on the Targaryens that drives a wedge in his relationship with Ned. A captive Tyrion helps Catelyn but receives a cold reception at the Eyrie from her sister, Jon Arryn’s widow, Lysa. Back at the King’s Landing, Arya overhears a plot against her father.

On a career high

Tamil actor Vimal is riding high these days. He is working on two films — Ishtam and Anaithukkum Aasaipadu and has signed two new projects — Neerparavaigal and Unmai Sonnal Nesipaya.

In all the films, Vimal will be seen in different avatars. Neerparavaigal revolves around the lives of fishermen in Nagapattinam District. “It will be an emotional tale which would speak about their travails on the sea and the sand,” said director Seenu Ramasami, whose Thenmerku Paruva Katru had won many national awards.

Unmai Sonnal Nesipaya is based on a real incident in Erode and revolves around five people. I’ve recorded their narration as well for the movie,” said director Ravi.

Strange fascination

If you are looking to break away from your usual eggs and pancakes breakfast routine, tune in to ‘Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern’ as the adventurous eater discovers meals you wont find on an average menu. Follow Andrew Zimmern and his ironclad stomach as he wanders around markets and restaurants taking viewers behind the scenes to savour the local cuisine — even if that means chewing on pig stomach or licking ice cream made of salt codfish. Follow Andrew in this episode as he travels to Mexico to savour some bizarre delicacies.
The programme airs on November 16 at 9 pm on TLC.

Interesting trivia

Food Detectives’ airs on November 16 at 9.30 pm on Discovery Science. Watch all your food myths being busted.

 You will have sleuths invading your kitchen to uncover all truths hidden in your food.
On this show, science and food meet to get answers to all your burning food conundrums, from whether eating garlic makes you mell like one to whether double-dipping is really unsanitary.

 Touched by Noor Jehan

Veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar has entertained millions of people with her beautiful and soulful voice. However, she has always maintained that singer Noor Jehan is one of her favourites.

Is there any song that she would have liked to hear in Noor Jehan’s voice? “Yes. Aye-Dil-e-Nadaan,” replies the songstress. “I like this song because of the melodious tune composed by Khayyam sahab. I would have liked to hear it in the voice of Noor Jehan,” she adds.

Recalling one of her meetings with Noor Jehan, Lata says, “Once we both were in London. When she came to see me off, she said, ‘Beta, please sing Aye Dil-e-Nadaan for me’. I quickly sang the mukhda (opening) and one stanza of the song in the lift. She was very pleased and said, ‘You have sung beautifully. May Allah give you a long life’.”

 Soaring luck

Multilingual actress Iniya is scaling greater heights after the release of the film Vaagai Sooda Vaa. Director by Sargunam, the film got critical acclaim. The young actress, who acted Malayalam movies as a child artiste, is scaling new heights after the success of the film. She bagged Mouna Guru, in which she stars as a medical student opposite Arulnidhi, grandson of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. Iniya has dubbed for the film herself and it will hit the screens soon. She is also playing the lead role in director Bharatiraja’s film Annakodiyum