With the brilliance of diamond

With the brilliance of diamond

graceful Members of 'Natya STEM Dance Company'.

Vajra, a popular production of ‘Natya STEM Dance Kampni’, was performed recently as part of ‘Danse Dialogues — An Indo-French Festival of Contemporary Dance’ at JSS Auditorium.

Needless to say, the dancers succeeded to steal the hearts of many through their breathtaking performance.

Conceptualised by Umesh Ganjam, the piece was choreographed by Madhu Natraj, director of ‘Natya STEM Dance Kampni’.

The 45-minute performance was woven around the concept of diamond or vajra which blended Indian, Western classical and Japanese dance forms, employing  mystic chants and incantations from Hinduism.

 Vajra focussed on the subtle qualities of diamond like indestructibility, brilliance, immortality, unbridled power, enlightenment, Shakti and divinity.

Taking the basic qualities of what a diamond stands for and mingling them with dance, Vajra transcended the very idea of what Indian contemporary dance could do.

Unlike the usual notions associated with diamond like coal to gemstone or darkness to light, the performance explored different interpretations of it.

Divided into three segments, the performance described various aspects of philosophy, physics and spirituality in a detailed manner.

The first sequence opened with four members of the dance group emerging out of a ring through slow rhythmic movements.

The stunning opening piece made the audience look forward to more. The second sequence was based on the Japanese martial art form of ‘ninjitsu’.

It symbolised the destruction of ego and the victory of selflessness. The third sequence, called ‘the dance of light’, explored the scientific technicalities of what a diamond stands for.

The performers glided on the stage in rhythmic movements portraying the characteristics of diamond like reflection, refraction and also symbolising the concept of Shiva and Shakti.

The dancers portrayed the union of Shiva and Shakti symbolising light and lightening which got a huge applause from the audience.

The effective mix of colourful costumes, symbolic props and lighting made the entire show extremely exciting.

All the associations with the word vajra were used to conceptualise the dance.
The background visuals used during the performance were very apt.

The performers of the day were Madhu Natraj, Janardhan Raj Urs, Ponnamma Devaiah, Ramya Nagaraj, Keerthi Kumar with Roopa Murthy and Nikhil Parmar who received all the appreciation from the crowd.