The trip made all the difference

The trip made all the difference

three’s company Purab Kohli, Arun and Jupiter. DH photo by Manjunath M S Metrolife caught up with Arun, Jupiter and Purab, who in their own way overcame some of their worst fears during the trip, which gave them some great exposure by taking them to some of the rarest of places. The three say that they learnt to face situations with courage, determination and saw an altogether different side of themselves.

Recollecting his experience, Arun says that he can vividly recall standing on the edge of a cliff during the bungee jump. “I was ready to die. I was so scared. My hands were trembling and there was just no expression on my face,” says Arun and adds, “but I knew I had to take the leap and I should overcome the fear of heights. It was like death was staring in my face. Soon, my mind went blank and I jumped with my eyes shut tight.” But now, Arun laughs it off, “That was so silly. Trips like this teach you how to deal with tough situations,” he says.

Jupiter confesses that he had never ridden a bike before but he had to learn how to ride one and even master the art of balancing it on a steep gorge. “I haven’t even ridden a cycle before and riding a bike seemed impossible to me. But I learnt how to ride a bike and even rode and balanced it on the edge of a rock,” says Jupiter. He says he lived every moment of the trip, “It was a very humbling experience, at least for someone like me. I spent all my life in a corporate job and coming out on a trip like this has set me free.” Jupiter fractured one of his legs during the show. “There’s an interesting story behind how I fractured my leg. Forget the pain, the experience was worth it. We visited some of the most beautiful places and ate some great food,” he recalls.

Adventure and Purab Kohli are inseparable. He says he quit a plush job to chase his dream — adventure and acting. And there isn’t anything that this adventure freak hasn’t tried out. Purab has interesting tales to tell. “I have the fear of heights and I think bungee jumping helped me overcome that fear. And I thought I was almost going to die when we had to crawl through caves that were 30 to 40 ft long. We had to crawl like a spider and being in the same position for a long hours gave me hell,” he says. He avers that the four of them got along really well.

Purab will soon be seen in Jal where he will be doing a character for which he has grown a moustache and long hair. “It’s a thriller and people will see me in a different avatar,” he informs. Purab says that he has learnt to take failure and success in his stride. “I am a good learner and every experience has taught me a new lesson,” he wraps up.