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Filmi Fundas

Unveiling his altruistic

Few people know that Hrithik Roshan, the suave and charismatic actor with looks that can kill is extremely soft hearted, sensitive and generous as a person. The actor who has been supporting several causes recently had a life-changing experience while preparing for his role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish.

Hrithik plays a paraplegic in the film and in order to get into the character, he has been doing thorough research on the disorder to make sure he looks absolutely convincing. Says a source close to the actor, “Hrithik is taking his role very seriously and has been reading up on paraplegia and watching videos to understand and study the patients’ mannerisms and behaviour. In fact, he even visited several people affected by the disease to get a first hand account of their experiences.”

 But while the process helped him hone his acting skills, it has also left a deep impact on his mind. So much so, that Hrithik is now actively taking part in helping people affected with paraplegia. “The sensitive person that he is, the intensive study and frequent interactions with persons suffering from the disorder has moved Hrithik to a great extent. He came across some young, talented people who were left incapacitated due to paraplegia and immediately decided to his bit to help them.”

Pledging his solidarity to the cause, Hrithik has decided to help the affected persons monetarily as well as through other means possible. Now here’s one great actor who is also a great philanthropist

Robert afraid of losing Kristen

The love triangle shown in Twilight seems to have transpired from the silver screen into the lives of the actors playing the roles. Robert Pattinson is reportedly scared of losing Kristen Stewart to co-star Taylor Lautner as it is rumoured that Stewart could fall in love with Lautner reported a publication’s website. A source told the publication that 17-year-old Lautner “definitely has a crush on Kristen but she treats him like a little brother.”

Lautner plays the role of Jacob Black in Twilight and its sequel New Moon, who
secretly loves Stewart’s onscreen character Bella. According to the publication, Lautner and Stewart were0 ‘inseparable’ during the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles recently. “Rob is really nervous that Kristen will fall for Taylor’s charms,” the source said.
It is reported that the 23-year-old British actor is doing his best to keep hold on his relation. According to a source, Pattinson has been burning up his Visa buying presents for Kristen.

“He looks for rare, vintage things, which he knows Kristen likes. So far, Rob has found a black-and-white Beatles’ photo that cost about US$ 300 and a 1970s’ concert T-shirt that set him back US$ 400,” the source said.

Confusion during promotion

Rahul Bose is miffed at the way he has been promoted in Echo Lake production’s Before the Rains, directed by Santosh Sivan. Though Rahul is the main lead in the film, his
picture didn’t appear on the hoardings and film posters till the weekend the movie released. Instead, the picture of American actor Linus Roaches was used along with Nandita Das.

Rahul is however quick to assure everyone that the issue has now been sorted out. Says the actor, “After I spoke to them, I realised that their intentions were not vindictive. They told me that these were the only artworks available. Now, they have released posters with my solo pictures.”

Getting insured

Trust Mallika Sherawat to jump on every Hollywood bandwagon these days. News about her Los Angeles’ sojourn is now an everyday occasion, but the latest may be taking the cake.

The sexy siren has expressed an interest in getting her body insured, it is, after all, her ‘best asset’. The actress follows the long line of Hollywood stars and Europe’s biggest footballers, who have got their body parts insured. But Mallika would be the first Indian celebrity to do something similar.

An inspiration to someone

Amrita Rao and Rakhi Sawant have worked together in the movie Main Hoon Na.

Apparently, during the shoot of the film, Rakhi was so awed by Amrita’s girl-next-door approach that she had commented that if she had a chance, she would like to shed her sexy image.

It is Amrita who defined the meaning of a girl-next-door and proved that a girl-next-door can be sexy as well as down-to-earth.

Recently, one of Rakhi’s fans told the item girl that she is sexy and yet gives out a
girl-next-door feel to which Rakhi called Amrita up and told her that her wish had
indeed come true.

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