DH Utilities

DH Utilities

Your personal assistant

»There are many free alternatives in Android to iPhone's virtual assistant, Siri, which has now become very popular.  My favourite is  Speaktoit Assistant. This app understands your instructions spoken in natural, everyday language. You can ask it to answer specific questions, launch apps find information, get news, navigate maps, access Google, Facebook, Twitter and other services.

The Speaktoit Assistant comes with a face or avatar, which is customisable. You can also customise the avatar's voice. Please note that Speaktoit is not as mature as Siri and is a work in progress. It has bugs and is updated frequently. But it is a nice-to-have  app anyway. You can download it from the Android Market.

Visualising data

»For office work or college assignments, you may have to visualise bulky data. Many Eyes, IBM's free data visualisation tool, can be of great help, though it will take some effort to learn to use it. The idea is simple: you load data in tables or free text format and the tool gives you various options to visualise it – network diagram, bar chart, treemap, bubble chart, histogram, tag cloud and so on. There are a few rules to format your data, which you can master with some practice. You can publish and share your visualised data. www-958.ibm.com/software/data/cognos/manyeyes