Scars of development mar Budangiri range

Scars of development mar Budangiri range

This spectacular view is said to remain in the inward eye of all those tourists who come to Chandradrona hill range during this season. 

The blossoming of wild orchids, flowers and cropping up of various varieties of mushrooms add to the beauty of the region.

Unfortunately, this lush green blanket is witnessing blotches and scars of development with several concrete building coming up in the region. 

With illegal home stays and resorts coming up in the region, the locals say that the concept of eco-friendly tourism has been cast away by the policy makers.

The region had been attracting tourists only because it is insulated from hustle-bustle of city life. But with commercial motives taking over, the region is soon heading towards becoming a commercial cauldron not different from any other city in the State. The sprawling hill range, swaying plantations and green patches are slowly shrinking to make way for hotels, resorts and home stays from all sides.

Corporate interest
The development works shot up only after corporate entities started showing interest in purchasing land in the region to build rest homes for themselves and to put up guest houses for the companies. The locals started selling their lands to these capitalists who were ready to pay any amount.

The environmentalists say that the concrete structures coming up restlessly in the region will cause greater problems in future. They say that if guest houses are built at this pace to meet the demand then the use and pollution of water sources will happen at equally fast pace. Apart from this, even the wastes littered at major tourist spot are also emerging as a major problem.

Home stay
When the concept of home stay crept into the region, the owners started renovating a part of their own house to accommodate families coming to the region during week ends so as to earn additional income. As long as this concept remained to this level there was no problem. But once the concept of home stay became largely commercial the problems and atrocities of nature started.

With the increase in tourist inflow, the home stays started invading the hill ranges. Today people are building home stays and resorts caving off the sensitive hillocks just to pacify their greed, says a local resident.

The local residents say that the government should see to it that no scars of development spot the beauty of this ecologically sensitive region.