Panel for diversion of rivers to quench Bangalore's thirst

Panel for diversion of rivers to quench Bangalore's thirst

Although the committee is tight-lipped about details of their seven meetings, most of their long-term plans include river and stream diversion from different parts of the State.

According to a BWSSB official, one of the major plans that have been discussed often is to get more water from River Cauvery within the limits of the Cauvery Water Tribunal.

He said that rejuvenation of River Arkavathi had been seriously discussed in all the meetings. The plan was to treat the water at the sewage treatment plant located on Mysore Road and let it out till Byramangala, where the water will flow up to 16 km. And then introduce a wetland with plants to purify water, which could also be used for irrigation purpose.

The water will also be treated before entering the Tippagondanahalli reservoir as well as the raw water treatment, before being let out for  supply to the City.

Nearly 200 million litres of water can be drawn here, the official added. Rainwater harvesting (RWH) and unaccounted-for water were also deliberated at the meeting.

Despite water experts condemning plans of river diversion, terming it ‘un-economical and un-environmental,’ most of the plans drawn by the expert committee, relates to diversion of rivers and streams from different parts of the State.

The experts’ suggestion on rejuvenation of the existing water resources, is yet to be considered by the committee. The official said the BWSSB is all set to announce all its short and long-term plans in the next two weeks.