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Tv Talk

tune in From Hawan.Changing relations

Colors presents Hawan on November 17 at 7 pm. Aastha goes towards Keerat to exchange the garland. Just then, there is a power cut.

There is complete darkness and the next moment, everyone is shocked to see Atharva wearing the garland. What happens next? Tune in to find out.

Sound of the wedding bells...

The gorgeous Shamoly Khera and the suave Imam are all set to take audiences on a wedding trip as they revisit the real Bollywood brides and their attires on

Did these brides dress to perfection or was the shaadi ka joda a complete disaster?
While style policing and fashion faux pas continue to be the highlight of the episode, what audiences should really watch out for is the ‘Wedding Look’ segment.

You can sport the Chammak Challo look or the Kaminey look and stand out as the best dressed bride in town.

Tune in to ‘Style Addict’ on November 17 at 8.30 pm as Shamoly and Imam kickstart the wedding season with a wedding special episode on UTV Stars.

Superhit moments

Watch ‘Science Of The Movies’ on November 17 at 9.30 pm on Discovery Science.
‘Science Of The Movies’ explores the remarkable scientific world that exists behind the screen.

The show is all about the innovative technology, visionary artistes and their captivating techniques, hich blend together to create unforgettable blockbuster moments.

artistic mark A scene from ‘New York Ink’.Pursuing his passion

Tattoo artist Ami James leaves the warm sunny shores of Miami for the cold hard concrete and steel of New York City.

‘New York Ink’ follows Ami, as he opens a shop in the city where if you aren’t the best, you won’t survive.

Risking his reputation and finances on a huge new space in Manhattan’s ultra-cool Soho district, Ami has recruited an elite staff of artists whose personalities are as big as their tattoo skills.

Will they be able to join forces and make an indelible mark on the New York tattoo world, or will the stresses of the city be too much for Ami and his team to handle? ‘New York Ink’ airs on November 7 at 10 pm on TLC.