Pursue spirituality for self realisation

Pursue spirituality for self realisation

Religion concentrates its attention on paths based on beliefs. Spirituality concentrates its attention of methods of self-awakening. Religion can be potentially divisive (mine is better than yours), while spirituality is inclusive.

There is a beautiful account provided by Mercedes de Acosta of her first meeting with Sri Ramana Maharishi. Among the many questions posed by the devotee to the Maharishi, is a question about the usefulness of religions, teachers and gurus in the search for self-realization: “What about religions, teachers and gurus?”

The Maharishi’s response was characteristically precise and to the point. He said: “If they can help in the quest of the Self. But can they help? Can religion which teaches you to look outside yourself, which promises a heaven and a reward outside yourself, can this help you? It is only by diving deep into the spiritual heart that one can find the Self.”

The Maharishi then placed his right hand on his right breast and continued: Here lies the Heart, the dynamic spiritual Heart. It is called Hridaya and is located on the right side of the chest and is clearly visible to the inner eye of the adept on the spiritual path. Through meditation you can learn to find the Self in the cave of this heart.” The Supreme Self evoked by Lord Krishna in the sacred Bhagavad Gita is beyond time and space, beyond name and form and beyond “I” (ahamkara) and “mine” (mamkara).

This truth is not however easily apprehended by human beings. “But,” continued the Maharishi, “in spite of ignorance, no man takes seriously the fact of death. He may see death around him but he still does not believe that he will die. He believes, or rather, feels in some strange way that death is not for him. Only when the body is threatened does he fall victim to the fear of death. Every man believes himself to be eternal, and this actually the truth. This truth asserts itself in spite of man’s ignorant belief that the body is the Self.”

The single-minded pursuit of inner revelation is therefore a mystery that belongs to God. This mystery must be approached with a genuine desire to experience self realization. The thirst to experience divinity is exclusively a result of Divine Grace.

It does not come easily. Neither does it come to all. It is however applicable to all. It requires humility, faith, devotion and surrender. Surrender and leave it to the Divine Will to show you the way.