Sewage smothers this village

Sewage smothers this village

With sewage flowing all over the village and most of the times even gushing into the courtyard of the houses, Hullehalli village is a perfect example for negligence of the local governing body and ignorance of the villagers.

With a population of about 3,000, this village has a maximum of farmer families living here prominently.

Though there are good numbers of educated people too living in the village, the sense of hygiene is something missing grossly.

Like most of the villages in Kadur taluk, bore wells have been dug and there are over 50 taps provided all over the village. This village is not confronted with drinking water problem. The main problem in the village is lack of drainage system. Due to this the sewage from the homes are left out in open creating a mess on the road.

Former prime minister H D Devegowda who recently visited the region was rather taken aback by the plight of the village. He immediately asked the officials to take up drainage and bridge work, no matter how much it would cost. Not just that Devegowda took villagers to task mainly for not maintaining the village clean.

The Panchayat Development Officer here says that lack of harmony and friendly relation between the villagers is the main reason why the village has seen set back in development works.

“Years ago the villagers have built houses one after the other without leaving adequate space between two houses. Due to this building toilets or laying drainage in the backyard is practically impossible,” says the PDO.

When compared to main areas in the village the Dalit colonies seem to be cleaner. In the colony, though there are well-laid roads and toilet facilities there is no water supply.

The villagers amidst all the differences, fights and confusions are waiting for the governing body to come up with an amicable solution for the problem at the earliest.